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Key Features

AI Doubt Solver

Student doubts in concepts are solved just by clicking on the words in the content

Online Classes and Courses

Schedule unlimited Online classes and make sessions interactive by using our Artificial Intelligence linked content

ERP solutions

Streamline your Organization day-to-day operations using our 50+ ERP Modules

Learning Management System

Engage students with our premium learning digital resources that stimulates learning through Videos, Content Bank, Assessments, and doubt clarifier

Social Networking

Specially designed Social Networking system connecting Organization with Public and Alumni

Lead Management System

Well-structured lead Management system developed to generate and follow up leads and Admissions

Artificial Intelligence Doubt Solver

Getting doubts while learning is common in students. Those doubts are solved by our AI Doubt solver with Visualization as Visualized learning gives more creativity than Traditional learning.

  • Upload Your Study Material.
  • AI Doubt Solver analyzes content Uploaded.
  • Get Visualized explanation just by clicking on words.

Online Classes and Courses

Hybrid Technology that connects students in both Offline and Online mode so that students don’t miss class in any adverse situations.

  • Schedule Unlimited Classes or Courses.
  • Promote Courses on Facebook and WhatsApp and get new Registrations.
  • Make Classes Interactive by using AI digital content while teaching.
  • Record Unlimited Sessions.
  • Sell Courses Online.

Automate day-to-day operations

Streamline all the day-to-day operations by using ERP software with more than 50+ modules which includes…

  • Front office Management.
  • Communication with Parents and Alumni.
  • Fee Management System.
  • Digital Diary and Attendance.
  • Transportation and Hostel Management.
  • HR and Payroll.
  • Inventory Management System.
  • Library Management System.
  • Grade Book.

Learning on the go…

Engage students with our premium learning digital resources through Learning Management System which includes…

  • Artificial Intelligence Digital library .
  • Upload own content and connect with our AI .
  • Conduct Unlimited Online Exams with all exam patterns .
  • Artificial Intelligence linked result analysis .
  • Assign Homework Digitally .
  • Generate unlimited Offline Question Papers .
  • Upload PDF Materials .

Stay Connected

Inbuilt Social networking system keeps your organization in contact with the public through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram that promotes your brand image and keeps you updated with posts, events, videos, and much more...

Lead Management System

Powerful Lead Management software supports in generating leads and their follow-ups as well as converting leads generated to admissions

  • Create own Call Center .
  • Make Calls, Send WhatsAPP and Telegram Messages, emails .
  • Follow-up leads .
  • Consolidate all reports on a click .

Best Plans for you

Our aim is to provide dominant school management software at giveaway prices. Logical class provides various enticing packs at minimum prices. We don't hide pricing and never be biased. No hidden charges and all. Contact us for pricing and FREE DEMO


  • Separate Organization URL
  • Admission
  • Separate login for every user
  • Single Branch Access
  • Communication
  • HR Basic
  • Gradebook
  • Digital Diary
  • Attendance
  • Logical class mobile APP
  • Call WhatsApp


  • Separate Organization URL
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Separate login for every user
  • Unlimited Multi Branch Access
  • Admissions
  • Communication
  • HR & Payroll
  • Fee Management System
  • Finance
  • Grade Book
  • Logical class mobile APP
  • Digital Diary
  • Attendance
  • Own Question Bank
  • Library
  • Transport
  • Call WhatsApp


  • Separate Organization URL
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Separate login for every use
  • Unlimited Multi Branch Access
  • Admissions
  • Lead Management System
  • HR & Payroll
  • Fee Management System
  • Finance
  • Gradebook
  • School Name mobile Application
  • Digital Diary
  • Attendance
  • Own Question Bank
  • Question Paper Generator
  • Online Exams
  • Digital Study Materials
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital library
  • AI Doubt Solver
  • Online Classes
  • Online Courses
  • Library
  • Transport
  • Online store
  • Call WhatsApp


  • IIT / NEET /Olympiad Program support for 6th to 12th Grade
  • IIT / NEET /Olympiad books for 6th to 12th Grade
  • Olympiad / Talent Test Support
  • CBSE Material / Question Papers
  • Bulk SMS
  • Biometric Devices
  • Zoom Integrations in APP
  • Google Classroom
  • School Services
  • Alumni Management
  • WhatsApp integration
  • RFID Cards
  • Storage Space
  • Customized modules
  • Promotional Activities
  • Call WhatsApp


A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so." – Mahatma Gandhi.

Logical class always keep our customer satisfaction as the highest priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do online classes help students?

    The most appealing benefit of online education is students can attend classes from anywhere, access materials, record classes, and review words from faculty instantly, either by rewinding the audio or video or reading the transcript that accompanies the lecture. In an online environment, it can be much easier to share thoughts with others. With 74 percent of people suffering from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, online education tends to foster better class participation.

  • Online Exams provides the immediate result that helps students to analyze their performance, understand their weak and strong areas, improve their time management skills, and reduces the cost of paper. Even though online exams are helpful for students also have disadvantages of their own in terms of connectivity issues while writing exams, Comfortability in viewing screens for a long time, Cheating practices, etc…

  • Education ERP system provides easy and quick access to information about students, staff, timetables, examinations, admissions, fees, reporting, and so on. It helps the management consider and analyze various aspects of the institution faster, leading to growth in planning capabilities.

  • Through the LMS, parents have immediate access to their child's grades and academic progress, as well as the ability to connect with teachers and administrators. The result is an environment that encourages collaboration, transparency and engaging conversations among parents and educators.


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